Android Tips

Top ten tips for Entertainments

Get the best streaming and downloading experience from your android device.

Recent updates to the android Os mean that android Device are now truly media power house, offering uses the ability to stream, download and listen to the latest media files without the hassle of connecting to the desktop computer.

Amazing features at our finger strips, people who are keen to get all this content have plenty to explore.
The is the ever-growing Google play store, for a start, where the range of apps, books, music, TV series and moves available to download is becoming formidable, not to mention the many third party services out there you can even streaming full size console games directly to your handset or download an app which turns your android devices into remote control that you can use with tablets, desktops and even smart TVs.

Here are ten tips to make things a little easer for content hoarders.
1.     Download some literary Treats
The play books app on your device makes for a fantastic e Reader, allowing you to browse through some of your favourite novels on your fingertips. The play book app also given you access to thousand of books, fictions and non fictions, available at fairly decent prices.
Download books are then added to your phone automatically for you to access. 


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